You can eat healthy meals on a budget without breaking the bank, as soon as we hear the word HEALTHY we automatically think EXPENSIVE. I thought to share these simple tips for anyone that have just started on a healthy eating lifestyle to shop for produce on a budget.

  1. FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: I find buying frozen vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, mixed vegetables, spinach and so on. Frozen vegetables are a lot cheaper than buying fresh vegetables, they last longer and can be easily defrosted in the microwave to add to any meals or even for snacking.
  2. SEASONAL FRUITS & VEGETABLES: you can save money by buying fruits and vegetables in season. For example, berries are cheaper in the summer time than in the winter time.
  3. SHOP IN BULK: buy most of your fresh produce in bulk to save you time, money and energy. I normally do a big monthly shop then I top up in the middle of the month for basic things I might need.
  4. CLEARANCE SECTION: don’t be embarrassed to shop in clearance section at your local supermarkets, you can get great bargains for proteins which you can freeze for later use. Check out the fresh fruits section too, there are always bargain to grab.
  5. MARKET OR STALLS: I love buying most of my fruits, vegetables, protein at my local stalls or marketplace. There’s always a bargain for grab and you get your money’s worth with the quantity you get and most importantly most of their items are organic too as they’re mostly home grown and not in factories.
  6. HEALTHY MEALS: the trick is to always plan your meals in advance, you can simply have five different types of meals and just rotate them throughout the week. You don’t have to eat different meals every single day.
  7. MEAL PREP: cook and pack your meals for work or school to save money and not overspend on unhealthy store bought sandwiches. Meal prep also helps in keeping you on track with your weight loss or fitness goal.