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Temitope, Nigeria

I remember when I first contacted Motunrayo it was in October of 2015 at this time I had been on a diet for 10 years with no tangible results and I remember describing myself as fat woman needing help. I was at the lowest point of my life where I hated what I saw in the mirror

One year on I have lost 10kg and I am still losing with the help of her coaching and meal plans. There is no better joy than loving what you see in the mirror. My confidence is at its highest. I can honestly say without having to pad it that she converted me and changed my mindset about health and healthy living. I now WO regularly, I am conscious of what I put in my mouth (though I am still a little indiscipline). One thing you can be rest assured you will get from her is the personal touch. She talks to you herself, she checks on you regularly and also shares inspiring advice to keep you moving her meal plans are designed for you with what you want. I don’t regret joining her camp and I am grateful to Instagram that I found her and I look forward to the magic we will perform in the new year as I still have 30kg to go.

Oyindamola, United Kingdom

I met Motunrayo on Instagram when I started on my journey to shed some unwanted pounds and clean up my lifestyle. Her page caught my attention as she promoted the holistic view of living healthy and not weight loss. This was at a point where I had gotten fed up of eating salads and looking for healthier meals that incorporated all food groups.

I joined the October 2015 clean eat challenge and that month I lost 5kg and never went hungry. Since then I have been in various other challenges and meal plans with Healthy Everyday plans and support group.

Meeting and working with Healthy everyday living has been awesome and I am not just being flattering here, she is a great coach and human being. I am so thankful I took the step to reach out to her and it has indeed helped my journey to becoming healthier, stronger and more confident.

Habeebah, United Kingdom

I would say my weight loss journey began February 2015 because that was when I joined the healthy everyday living Facebook group and it changed my life. I joined the group at 85kg and months later I went down to 70kg a whopping 15kg off just by having the support of other people going through the weight loss journey. In total I have lost 28kg and I am very grateful to Motunrayo for all her support. Without her, I’ll probably still be struggling to lose the weight so thank you very much Motunrayo.

Kemi, United Kingdom

Moturayo is not just one of them coaches that, tells you what to do and let you gets on with it. She calls, text and emails to make sure her clients are on track, not just on healthy living stuff but on clients day to day life struggles. She deserves the crown of best fitness coach.

Adeola, United Kingdom 

The meal plan did work like magic, following the meal plan made me lose a total of 10kg in a month. Motunrayo never stopped checking on my progress which made it a lot easy to stick to the plans. I will recommend her meal plans anytime and any day totally worth the money

Tobi, Nigeria

It takes a lot of consistency and dedication. I started a research in January 2016 on #weightloss and came across @healthy_everyday_living. I contacted her via email and she’s helped me loss unwanted body fat with her meal plan and I also learnt to eat the healthy way.

Nissi, United Kingdom


Chidi, Nigeria